Perspectives + Experience

Business attorneys look to make the deals happen while litigation attorneys look to break them apart.  And immigration attorneys look at how international employees can join employers while employment attorneys look at how employees can sue them.  Kodachi Law is different because we view legal issues from these multiple perspectives at the same time.  Clients receive this distinct advantage without having to pay for a team of attorneys. 

Additionally, because of our years of experience working with international individuals, we understand and appreciate the different mindsets and cultural expectations of our clients.

By thinking about a client's issue through these different filters, not only have we have been able to identify potential problems before they occur, but we also have been able to communicate with them more effectively.  Clients turn us because they know they can trust our knowledge and experience in these multiple practice areas.  Over the years, Kodachi Law has assisted high-technology companies, manufacturers, industrial design businesses, real estate companies, restaurants, churches, and many others. 

Prompt Legal Services

No one likes to wait.  We understand that.  As a result, we take pride in providing responsive and reliable legal services.  E-mails and telephone messages are generally responded to within the same day, if not within minutes or receipt.  Clients also like the fact that we are readily accessible to meet--at our office or client's--and that they can reach us on weekends or evenings. 

As a result, we establish long-term relationships with our clients.